Counseling & Treatment

Pineview employs counselors who provide individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy to address various identified needs. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Substance Abuse Therapy are offered in addition to General Counseling services.

Pineview utilizes a Behavior Modification treatment program. A level system is used to govern the youths' daily activities and privileges. Level meetings are held every week to determine each resident's treatment progress.

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Pineview has partnered with the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District, which provides the educational program at the Johnson Educational Center on Pineview grounds. A full range of Special Education services are provided. Upon enrolling, students are tested and diagnosed for any needs. Pineview's school curriculum is enhanced by the on-line Ingenuity program. Our school program is year round, allowing opportunities for any students lacking in credits. Assistance for students on a GED track is available as well.

Life Skills


All residents participate in daily household chores and periodic life skill training. Residents ages 14 and older participate in weekly Casey Life Skills classes and are evaluated quarterly on their life skill knowledge.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development.jpg

Pineview Homes offers spiritual development opportunities to its youth. This includes Bible studies, chapel, and church attendance as well as spiritual support from an experienced faith-based staff. We believe that spiritual health is an integral part of a holistic approach that will contribute to the child’s overall success and well-being. All religious activities are optional.

Work & Character Building


We believe that the job assignment program is important for the development and fulfillment of each individual. The goal is to teach job skills in conjunction with good work habits such as punctuality, dependability, the ability to get along with co-workers, the ability to follow a job through to completion, and pride in a job well done.

A time of reflection is held at various times during the week. Moral guidance is offered during these times as well as in Sunday services at a local church. Church attendance is voluntary.



Pineview's athletic facilities include a Gymnasium, Track, Basketball Courts, Softball, and Soccer Fields, which are utilized in daily recreation activities. Summer activities include fishing, canoeing and swimming.

Pineview also offers the unique opportunity for residents to participate in organized soccer and basketball programs where junior high and high school teams play against other parochial schools in the area.