About Pineview Homes

Pineview Homes is a private, non-profit, state-licensed child caring institution. It operates a structured residential care program in Evart, Michigan for boys ages 8 — 17. For more information about our specific services, click here.

Pineview accepts children that are: Delinquent, Neglect/Abuse Status, IV-E, Non-Secure. Because of the open campus and informal atmosphere at Pineview, we do not favor the admission of the chronic runaway child or the highly aggressive child. Although we are not equipped to service the severely mentally limited, boys with borderline diagnosis seem to relate to the program and benefit from it.

Pineview’s treatment is structured as a six to nine month program, but the length of treatment varies with each youth, depending on areas of need, level of motivation, family involvement and the referring agency's wishes.

Family counseling, once per month, coincides with an off-grounds visit. In addition to this, home visits are scheduled approximately every four to six weeks and last up to 5 nights. We provide transportation for these visits and use them as preparation for reunification.

We contract with the Department of Human Services as well as accept clients from Probate Court, adoption agencies, and private referrals.

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Treatment Team


Doug Derscheid
Director of Pineview Homes

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Dan Derscheid
Assistant Director


Isaac Emery
Case Work Supervisor


Patrick Aron
Counselor, LLPC


Erin Hildebrand
Case Worker


Greg George
Case Worker


Dani George
Case Worker

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Anna Parsons Elder


Joe Kretoski


Board of Directors

Steven Davenport..............President
William Skinner................Vice-President
Bonnie Philson...............Treasurer
Karyn Blume......................Secretary

Other Board Directors


Doug Blume
Julie Cole
Mike Cox
Maddie Cox
Rod Cox
DeLynn Cox
Edward Davenport
Shirley Davenport

Curt Ellis
Olen Gannon
Scott Ganton
Niccole Ganton
Dan George
Larry Hoffman
Jann Johnson
Art Osborne
Judy Osborne

Brian Philson Nathan Price
Sam Shaffer
Elizabeth Shaffer
Jerry Stein
Eva Stein
Nick VanderWal

Bradley S Johnson - CPA