History of Pineview Homes


Pineview Homes was started in Evart, MI, in 1965 by Lowell and Helen Derscheid as a ministry to help youth in need of love, care and a home away from the difficulties that they faced due to various circumstances.  Lowell and Helen had pastored several churches prior to starting this ministry, and one night Helen told a group of their parishioners that she felt the Lord was wanting her to start a home for children.  One of the ladies, Mrs. Julia Wilcox, who heard Helen that night, later donated the 135 acre farm where she lived to start the home for children.

Lowell and Helen started with $65.00 designated towards building a house, and the Lord provided time and again throughout the various building projects. Over the next few decades, their dream was realized and expanded to include three houses for youth, an on-grounds school, an office, a barn, a gymnasium, a pool, a soccer field, a softball field and basketball courts.  Through the years, over 1,500 youth have lived at Pineview for various lengths of time and experienced the love and care they needed to help change the direction of their lives.

Today the Pineview Homes ministry employs 40 dedicated staff members who provide for the physical, emotional and educational needs of the youth we serve. Direct care staff provide daily care and supervision, case managers work with the youth, their families and their foster care/court workers and therapists provide counseling services.  Other valued staff members provide for the clerical, medical, educational, financial and maintenance needs of the ministry.  Pineview Homes has been extremely blessed through the years to have quality, dedicated and sacrificial people who have given their talents and hearts to the ministry of care and service to children and teens.  These are the people who make up the Pineview Family today.